Looking to Rent?

We appreciate that finding a home to rent can be a frustrating process. With the current housing shortage in the Southend area we expect new Rental Property instructions to be reserved very swiftly, which is always disappointing for those who “miss out”. In most cases there are a number of prospective tenants all wanting to rent the same property.

To try to make life easier for good quality tenants, Bellevue have designed a “Pre-Approved Tenant” scheme. This results in tenants on the scheme being contacted as a priority whenever a suitable new rental instruction is received. To qualify for inclusion on this scheme, tenants will need fit the following profile:

  • Employed for longer than 6 months and with an easily proven income, or self employed with audited “books” for at least 18 months.
  • A verifiable record of previous addresses.
  • Non smoker and having no pets.
  • Have no adverse credit or unsatisfied county court judgements.
  • If currently renting, able to get a favourable landlords reference(s).

If you fit the above, contact us so that we can add you to our list of waiting applicants.

We regret that for reasons connected with individual landlords preferences and our referencing processes we are seldom able to offer tenancies to the unemployed, people less than 21 years of age, or applicants who have adverse credit. Applicants with a particularly low income, or who are working part time will be considered, but may need a working guarantor with a proveable income.

All tenants over the age of 18 are fully referenced “on line” by a large national specialist company (Let Alliance) and we cannot arrange tenancies for those who fail the referencing process. We also undertake electronic checks in respect of Money Laundering activities.

Ultimately, we aim to find good quality tenants for landlords with good quality properties.

Our Tenant Fees are on keeping with current legislation, and we aim to build a good relationship between our tenants and our company. Many of our tenants have been with us for a good number of years, as they have progressed from one bedroom flat to three bedroom house.

What’s Available to Rent?

Click on the button below, and you will be taken to our Rental Property search facility where you can browse what we currently have available. To assist with your selection, here is some basic information to help you work out your budget.

To pass referencing you will need to earn (Annually) at least 30 times the monthly rent. If renting with a partner, you can pass referencing if both incomes add up to at least this sum.

If you need a guarantor, their annual income would need to be at least 36 times the monthly rent.

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