FAQS – Existing Tenants…

Here are answers to some of the more standard enquiries we receive from existing tenants.


Can I redecorate?

If you wish to redecorate part or all of the property you must not do so without specific written permission from your landlord. Most landlords will be prepared to allow you to go ahead with works, but subject to a few conditions. Generally, you will be asked to use “neutral” colours. We must be allowed to inspect the property once the works are completed to assess the quality of the finish. We can ask for improvements to be made if appropriate.  If you intend to use a contractor, we would need to see the quote for the works before they are started. The landlord can ask that original colour schemes/finishes be restored at the end of the tenancy.  

Can I move my rent payment date?

Your monthly rent payment date cannot be moved. It will always remain as the day of the month that your tenancy began – So, if you moved in on the 6th, your rent date is the 6th. For those tenants receiving Housing Benefit payments direct, it is appreciated that you are likely to be paid 4-weekly. However, you should ensure that you rent is paid monthly on the set date, in full. We reserve the right to charge a Late Payment penalty if your rent is not paid on time. Thee charges is detailed in the “Tenants’ Fees” section of this website and are in keeping with current government legislation. 

Can I have a guest stay with me?

You may have non-paying guests at the property for a maximum of three weeks per year. You may not have paying guests, as this would result in a “sublet”, which is specifically forbidden in your Tenancy Agreement.

Can I use my Deposit money to pay my last months’ rent?

Your deposit money is by law to be held in an approved Government scheme and is ultimately to re-imburse the landlord for damage to the property, rent arrears and other tenant liabilities that are outstanding at the end of a tenanmcy. It cannot therefore be used as a "rent payment" during the tenancy without the specific permission of the landlord. Failing to pay the last month of your rent will result in your being in arrears and therefore we would not be able to provide any future landlord or Agent with a satisfactory reference.  

Can I have a dog/cat/pet or temporarily look after another persons dog/cat/pet?

Before a tenancy begins it will be made clear whether the landlords are prepared to accept pets. If not, this will be confirmed in the Tenancy Agreement. Very few landlords will accept pets. During the tenancy you may ask if the landlords will relax this stance, but they are not legally obliged to do so. If you originally gained permission for one pet, you will have to ask again if you intend to have another. Our Tenancy Agreement also forbids the “temporarily looking after” of pets that belong to other people such as relatives, friends etc.


What’s Available to Rent?

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To pass referencing you will need to earn (Annually) at least 30 times the monthly rent. If renting with a partner, you can pass referencing if both incomes add up to at least this sum.

If you need a guarantor, their annual income would need to be at least 36 times the monthly rent.

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