Report a problem with your property here

If an issue has developed in your rental property please advise us by completing the form below. The matter will then be logged on to our system and we will speak to your landlord(s) to obtain their instructions. If the fault is of a dangerous nature, or causing immediate damage, please also telephone us.

Reporting Faults

We appreciate that you will want your issue attended to at the earliest opportunity. Rest assured that we will put matters in hand without delay. However, we must clarify that we have to prioritise maintenance issues, so a dangerous or immediately destructive item (Such as a central heating boiler fault or a flood) will be dealt with more swiftly than repair of a loose bath panel or a failing kitchen draw.

In all cases (Except genuine emergency) we are obliged to speak to your landlord(s) before we take any action. This process can take a few hours, or in some cases a day or two.

Having gained permission, it is likely that we will have to instruct a contractor. On occasions, (For instance after high winds, heavy rain, particularly cold weather) all tradesman will be involved with a great deal of work and this position must be allowed for accordingly.